Don't get caught with your AC down!

Business HVAC Repair, Maintenance and Service

We know you’re thinking of the bottom line, that’s why we respond to your heating and air conditioning repair & requests immediately. We will repair and service any type of heating or air conditioning system you have in your office or business and once complete make maintenance recommendations to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, saving you money in the long run. Our goals when working with our business clients is to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently at the lowest cost and highest value.

Local Pinellas County Commercial HVAC Service Contractor

Kenair Inc. provides commercial HVAC services throughout Pinellas County. We are one of the leading residential and commercial Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg and surrounding area service providers. What that means to you is quality, trusted, professional service to our corporate and business clients that the job gets done right and within budget.

Corporate & Business HVAC Kenair Inc. Services

We are highly qualified and employ the most experienced technicians in the HVAC industry. Kenair Inc. offers our commercial customers full turn-key HVAC solutions. Here are some of the systems Kenair Inc. installs, maintains and repairs:

• Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance
• Business HVAC Unit Repair & Maintenance
• Emergency Repair 7 days a week
• Rooftop HVAC Installation
• Commercial Ventilators and other indoor air quality products

Choose Kenair Inc. for Your Next Commercial HVAC Project


We’re here for your business 7 days a week and offer emergency service when you need it.


Our trained, uniformed technicians are veterans in their craft so your business HVAC needs are in good hands


We know cost is important for business owners so we always strive for quality workmanship that meets deadlines and is on-budget


Whether you’re storing perishable supplies for a school cafeteria or a restaurant, it’s important that your refrigerator is always at its peak running performance.

When a refrigerator problem occurs, you are bleeding out money every minute. Don’t delay repairs any further and let us help you. Contact us now and get a hold of our trusty technicians that can efficiently and quickly do their job.
We are confident to be able to service any type, brand, and model of a refrigerator – all thanks to our highly trained technicians with over a decade’s worth of experience. You can rely on us with your commercial refrigerator repair needs.

Refrigeration services when you need it

We are a trusted and loved refrigeration and air conditioning company that’s based in the Pinellas area. We’ve been in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry for over 30 years now. Yet constantly striving to provide the highest quality of service to our customers.


We have a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced technicians that enable us to provide you with a comprehensive commercial freezer and refrigerator repair service. They also have the ability to do their jobs efficiently and quickly, allowing you to resume operations quickly.


If you’re in the food, hospitality, and beverage industry, one thing that you don’t want to happen is for your freezer to malfunction. Your commercial freezer is the lifeline of your business and is an integral part of ensuring the continued success and growth of your business.
One way to avoid this situation is to keep your commercial freezer at its optimal state by caring for it properly and conducting maintenance from time to time. One tip to any business owner out there is if your commercial freezer is in need of repair, schedule it accordingly to avoid spoilage of food and supplies.