Heater Maintenance, yes, even in Florida.

Don't get caught with your AC down!

Heater Maintenance, yes, even in Florida.

Your heater provides warm indoor comfort on chilly winter nights when the temperature outside starts to drop. To continue operating at peak performance, a heater requires regular maintenance performed by a trained and certified technician.

The Importance of a Pre-Season Heater Tune-up

Routine HVAC system maintenance includes two visits every year during the off season. In the fall, service techs are dispatched to your home in order to perform a variety of tests, inspections and calibrations designed to restore lost capacity and expose hidden problems.

The Benefits of Preventative Heater Maintenance

There are many benefits associated with preventative heater maintenance including:

  • Better Indoor Comfort: Even minor airflow restrictions can substantially affect indoor comfort. The technician will verify the temperature splits, airflow velocity, and the mechanical performance of the system. The registers will be rebalanced to ensure every room can maintain a comfortable temperature in all weather conditions.
  • Lower Fuel Bills: Your heater will be properly calibrated to operate at maximum efficiency, which will help lower monthly utility costs. The duct system is also checked to determine if there are any performance-robbing restrictions.
  • Reduced Heater Repair Costs: Preventative maintenance can expose small performance problems before they cause an unanticipated breakdown. It is always less expensive to repair a minor issue in mild weather as opposed to a catastrophic failure in severe winter weather when your contractor has a heavy workload.
  • Improved Safety: A cracked heat exchanger or restricted venting can create a serious hazard inside your home. Technicians check all vital system components and safety controls during the initial inspection. All required heater repairs are completed before the unit is activated.